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August 12, 2010



Looks soooo sick! It's a polar opposite of the last two games. It's so nice to see some clear blue sky in Bioshock, it makes it so less gloomy and murky. I wonder how they're going to tie this game with the other two? It looks a bit steam-punkish. Can't wait till this game comes out! Did I also mention how patriotic this game looks.
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Aurora-Storm Aug 13, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
I have nooooo idea how this game is going to tie in. And nothing will ever, ever beat the first game. I could list a million reasons for this, but I'll spare you.
It does look surprisingly Steampunk. And I had no idea what to think when he was thrown into... air. I kind of wish the site was viral, but What Is Icarus? seems like a rather promising reference, given the deep-story landscape and incredible historical and lore-driven references in the first game.
God yes i am so freaking excited! I cannot wait! I saw it yesterday too and nearly pissed my pants. Anyways, if you go to the website, you can read up all on it OR you can go to wiki cause they have a lot of shit on it and it hasn't even like come out. you know?lol RUUUGGHH im so excited!steampunkin !!!
roxination Aug 13, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
Man, did you know that 2K games is a sister company of Rockstar? So yesterday when this was announced I heard PR guys saying "Oh, I think it is what they call 'steam punk'" "Steam punk? What is that?" etc.

old people.
Saw the news last night myself! It couldn't have been more well timed as I had just played through Bioshock again that exact day and started going through Bioshock 2 again as well (My girlfriend hadn't seen them in action and wanted me to play them for her to watch).

Very excited about the new direction they've taken. The sky holds many game-play opportunities and the steampunk elements certainly are appealing. I'm also looking forward to 2K's re-invention of the XCOM series. If you haven't seen anything about it, I suggest you go look it up right away! 1950's setting with sci-fi elements, including ominous black blobs and monolithic looking instruments of destruction.
like which ones? im interested >_>
man, bioshock makes me want an xbox or a ps3 ;__;
I see...

Well, any chance you'd want to invest in a gaming PC? There are plenty of alternatives to the super expensive ones.
At the moment I absolutely cannot afford it but is there one you'd recommend?
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