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I know I haven't updated in ages. It's just been busy for me these days and I miss posting a lot stuff here. Usually I'll be on tumblr most of the time so here's the link. I'll be posting most of my stuff there, but I'll be going back and forth.
What is this and why is it so awesome?
Just found out about this webcomic/game/animation(?) website a couple days ago. To be honest I have no idea what is going on in the story, and looking into the log I am barely halfway into it. The story I have reached so far is that some game can control these characters' environment and world, and all of sudden a giant meteor strikes the planet. Imps dressed up as jesters and clowns are attacking and I'm in distopian future?
Can someone enlighten me?
I just want give a BIG thank you to all of you guys for leaving me a birthday message. I really appreciate it and I always read every message I get.
I can't think of anything to say right now, other than that I'm really happy and thankful to all you guys!

So everyone, please have an awesome and safe holiday!
HHNNNNGGG! Why won't it stop raining? It's been raining heavily non-stop since Friday. What the hell, man?! My poor plants are drowning right now, and it's annoying to drive in this condition. Well, if it rains here, it must snowing up in the mountain. Can't believe it's going to continue raining till Wednesday.

So how is your weather guys?
Just saw it on IMAX 3D. The most anticipated movie I have been waiting for and it did not disappoint. I love those kind of movies where it leaves you with the biggest grin ever. You guys have to watch it on IMAX, the whole film is just absolutely beautiful! Great acting from Jeff Bridges playing both the bad guy and the good guy, and I just found out he was that bald dude from Iron Man! Throughout the whole film, he stood out the most and overshadowed most of the characters that had faces.
Jeff Bridges' characters really overshadowed a lot of characters throughout the film, especially with Sam. I didn't really give much care or thought about Sam or Quorra, all I wanted to see was the struggle and story between Clu and Flynn. He probably got the spotlight because he was in the first movie, but this is coming from a person who never saw the first film. I've heard of Tron as a cult culture thing, but never dove deep into the story of it until now. So I'm experiencing something new here and I really enjoyed this film.
I think the biggest star of this film were the visual effects, the environment, and the music. Absolutely stunning.Probably my favorite scenes were the game and fight scenes. I don't want to spoil too much, you guys have to see it for yourself.  

Everyone sure looked awesome and fit in their deliciously tight clothings lol.      
Also was it just me, or was there some tension between Clu and Flynn?
I could see it. Fanarts and fanfictions as far as the eye can see haha.

Looks soooo sick! It's a polar opposite of the last two games. It's so nice to see some clear blue sky in Bioshock, it makes it so less gloomy and murky. I wonder how they're going to tie this game with the other two? It looks a bit steam-punkish. Can't wait till this game comes out! Did I also mention how patriotic this game looks.
Best Movie EVER!! Watched it last night and my mind was BLOWN AWAY!
Hey guys! Guess what I found~
Digging through my crypt-like USB I have found the holy grail. More pages of the Soldier War Story! Dormant for more than a year, these pages will see the light of day. The Soldier tale saga continues!

Yeah so I found them and I feel motivated to finish it. The pages are still in rough draft, so it'll take time editing and redoing some old linework. Plus I have school for the summer so please be patient. Sorry I never got around to finishing this up and have left you guys hanging. I realized why I couldn't get these done because I was so fustrated how the inking wasn't going so well back then. I will put some time onto the pages this weekend.
Saw Avatar: Last Airbender. I liked it. Really awesome CG effects and good fight choreography. The story, however, seemed rushed, skipping to the next setting and always having some subtitle underneath telling me what place it was found it annoying. I know it was 1 season packed into a 1hr 40min, but I really wished the writers could have had a smoother transition with the story. It was so segmented, I felt I didn't get attached to anything.
I laughed at the part where there were like 6 earthbenders stomping madly in order to move a tiny stone. I mean it was unreasonably tiny. Also, why are they pronouncing the names wrong! Sokka was Soak-ka, Iroh was (short sound i)-roh.  I was grinding my teeth everytime Katara said Aang with a "Uung". Sometimes I would just misheard her just saying "uuhhh...".
So overall, if you have seen Avatar on tv, you might nitpick several things and complain, but I urge you to see if you like. Don't see it hoping to be exact same as the tv-show, see it with a clean slate or like an alternate universe. Music was nice and the CG was terrific in my opinion.
Oh man I just got back from the museum and what do I see when I get home. Makani's Engie Comic. I love her drawing style so much, I really hope to see more from her.

I know I haven't been posting drawings lately for some time, but I will post soon.
That was terrifying. Those in SoCal, did you guys feel that?
I remember stumbling upon the pilot while channel surfing 6 years ago, and now here it finally concludes. I gotta admit I really didn't submerge myself into this show until Season 4 and from then on I was addicted to it. LOST has been just one of the best shows I have ever seen in my life. It's unique, twisted, and so goddamn suspenseful, you just don't know what's gonna happen. I cried not only because it ended, but it left so many questions unanswered.
It's sad that it has finally concluded but it was a good end.
Wow this week's episode was exciting.
I just felt a bit of earthquake here again. I have a huge huge fear with earthquake no matter how big or small, any shaking I am completely paralyzed with fear.
FFFFFFf I have to serve jury duty and right on the week of Finals. Guess I have to call them on Monday and excuse myself or reschedule it some other time. I've never been summoned to serve ever but does being a full-time student excuse me completely from jury duty?
I guess I'm officially on Team Edward. Dammit they should have made him sparkle. I love me some sparkly men.
I didn't realize that we had an earthquake like 4 in the morning. No wonder my dogs were going nuts, now I feel bad for yelling at them. I was way too sleepy and cranky to realize anything. I thought I felt something but I assumed it was just a dream. Jeez what's with all these earthquakes these days.
Guess what guys! Here's another journal entry about how freakin awesome Lost season premiere was.

This whole show is just torturing me. Every episode leaves me in an agonizing state wanting to know what the hell is gonna happen next!
Seriously what is this?! Alternate timeline?! Fake-Locke being all badass! Almost all the people who died from the previous seasons coming back?! So many awesome new characters!  

Man I love this show.
Kiss goodbye to 2009 and let's open up for 2010. Hope you guys had a great day and Happy New Years!
This is possibly the best update EVER! I was like Oh great an update for my two least played class ever, and then this THIS comes waltzing about and blows my mind. Valve I love you. You just made me want to play this class, even though I absolutely hate playing him because I really suck at it.

I really enjoy how Valve is starting to add a story to this game. haha I wonder if names are gonna extend to the other classes. Also, Damnit Soldier you're such a bastard for accepting your new awesome weapons over friendship. Don't you know friendship is sacred!